This is a fun fun event! You will first get familiar with the eFun eBooks and the eFunReading platform. Then you can become more familiar with the books by answering challenging questions regarding all or some of the following books on Reading Battle! Most of the questions asked at the competition will be from the books at the end of this message.

Eligible students for joining this fun competition: eFun users 

eFun eBooks that will be used in the Competition:
Lower Primary – for aged 5-8 (Primary 1-3)
L2 Grandma and Bugs
L3 Grandaddy and Fireflies
K3 Three Blind Mice
K1 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
K3 The Fabulous Farm
K3 Cracking Coconut
L2 Hanna’s Christmas
L2 Danny’s Thanksgiving Dinner
L1 A Day at the Zoo
L1 A Day at the ThemePark
Upper Primary – for aged 9-12 (Primary 4-6)
L4 Daddy’s Doll 
L4 Pitter Patter
L5 The Missing Mom
L5 The Sly Fox
L5 人工智能小學程度高階
L5 人工智能小學程度中階
L4 人工智能小學程度初階
L6 Eleven Carnations

Battle Winners

The Battle of the eFun eBooks was successfully held with active participation from the participants on May May 5, 2022 (Thu) – Upper Primary Group and May 6, 2022 (Fri), Lower Primary Group. Please find the winner list below.

Lower Primary


Tsang Wing Fung
Cheung Man Chun Isco

First Runner-up

LEE Chun Him

Second Runner-up

LEE Chun Yui

Upper Primary


CHIU Tsoi Wan

First Runner-up

HO Ka Lee

Second Runner-up

LAU Chi Sze


CHEUNG Cheuk Lun
FONG Pak kit
LAM Yuet Yu
LEE Chun Him
KANG Xiang Can
YEUNG Lik Hang